Things to Keep in Mind During a Competitive Exam

Things to Keep in Mind During a Competitive Exam

Competitive exams are a way to get into the institution or university in which you want to pursue your higher studies. You know it all very well, and now the date of your exam is nearing. You can always carry on your preparation till the day of your exam. But there are certain things to keep in mind, while you are attempting the exam. Why hurt your chances, due to some assumptions you have? Check out these:

Scan the paper:

It’s very important to scan the paper before you attempt it. You will get a rough idea of where the simple questions are. If you don’t go through the paper you may not know that there are simple questions waiting for you, and you’ll end up getting stuck at difficult ones.

Do not focus on a single section:

Focusing and spending a lot of time on just one section, will not do you any good. It is important to divide the time for each section. Each section tends to have easy and tough questions.

Do not keep your target score:

For an entrance exam, you cannot and shouldn’t keep a target score. Because students who are able to score better and highest are preferred. Aiming to score a minimum number of marks, will only disappoint you if you don’t reach your target.

Attempting maximum questions:

If your exam has negative markings, attempting a maximum number of questions will only increase the chances of your score falling down. Be careful in such cases, and attempt only what you are sure of.

To get stuck on one question:

Students tend to get stuck on a single question, hoping to solve it. Yes, you may, but after a minute for a question, you should be moving on to the next. In this way, if you save time in the end, you can solve the question.

There are a number of other vital things to keep in mind. We’ll list it to you shortly, but these are things you need to embrace and start doing mock keeping these in mind.

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