Which is your intelligence?

Which is your intelligence?

Intelligence is not measured only by an IQ test, one may fail the so-called intelligent quotient test, but still be as intelligent as a genius. This is encouraging news for everyone out there because each one of us possesses at least one out of these:

Linguistic intelligence:

One’s ability to write, read, learn different languages, able to tell stories, and be good with grammar. As we have noticed some people learn language with great ease. Some of them are good at playing with words. Their creativity is expressed in the form of poetry. If you possess this, the way you can increase this intelligence is by reading and writing lots, playing crosswords and scrabbles.

Musical intelligence:

People inclined towards music whether singing, dancing, or playing instruments are said to possess musical intelligence. They are good at making new music, playing music, or singing a song with perfection. If you possess this, you can increase it by listening to music, singing, and all that you like about music.

Logical intelligence:

People with this intelligence are good with their aptitudes, logical reasoning, puzzles, and concepts. These people are good with numbers and mathematics. To hone your logical intelligence play games that involve lateral and logical thinking and learn computers.

Spatial intelligence:

People with good creativity and imagination, possess this. They are good with directions and possess visual memory. Improving this memory can be achieved by playing jigsaw puzzles.

Kinesthetic intelligence:

Some people are good dancers, actors, surgeons, and athletes. This intelligence can be improved by riding a bike, playing a sport, dancing, etc.

Naturalistic intelligence:

Some people are called outdoor people. They love to be with nature. Capture the beauty of nature, plant a tree, take care of animals, have pets, etc. They are attached to the nature and environment. This type of intelligence can be improved by traveling, reading about nature, etc.

Spiritual intelligence:

some are very keen to learn about life and death. They are curious to know about mysteries and unseen realms. A good way to increase this intelligence is by meditation, prayer, and discussions with others.

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