The Best Places to Shop in Tokyo

The Best Places to Shop in Tokyo

Shopping in Japan is known to be unlike any other destination. These trend-setting Japanese love their unique brand of individualistic style, so fashionistas can be certain to shop till you drop in Tokyo. Travelers will have plenty to bring home as souvenirs from delightful souvenir shops filled with cute handicrafts are abundant on the streets of Tokyo. If international style and designers are more your cup of tea, fret not for Tokyo has an entire district dedicated to famous luxury designer names. From the oddball items to the traditional and modern, Tokyo is indeed a shopper’s paradise. Here we highlight the best shopping Tokyo has to offer.’

Trendy Shopping in Tokyo

Colorful, busy, and vibrant, Shibuya is brimming with an overwhelming amount of dining, entertainment, and shopping options. The uber-trendy shopping mile of Shibuya is very popular among young people as you’ll find numerous trendy fashion stores, major department stores, restaurants, and specialty shops. In fact, each street of the Shibuya district has its own signature look; Koen Dori Avenue with the major department stores such as Seibu and Parco, Spain Zaka (Hill Road) is lined with small fashion boutiques and shops selling miscellaneous products while Center Street has plenty of fast food restaurants, cosmetic, accessories and shoe stores. Besides getting your fashion fix here at Shibuya, people-watching is a great way to pass the time as you’ll see many Japanese decked out in the latest and the most eccentric outfits.

Famed for streetwalkers with over-the-top fashion sense, Harajuku is a hot spot for the newest, and most up-to-date, cutting-edge styles and pop culture. Harajuku isn’t just for the youths though, travellers will also find international brands such as Barbie and Disney, designer names including Louis Vuitton and Prada as well as countless high fashion boutiques. The most favored area of Harajuku is the Omotesando Hills where shoppers can take time to stroll countless branded stores with architecture that expresses their own characteristics and individuality. Take note of “Anniversaire Omotesando” as it is famous for its limited edition Champagne and chocolate.

Luxury Shopping in Tokyo
Much like New York City’s 5th Avenue, Ginza is Tokyo’s upmarket shopping hotspot. As one of the most expensive real estate in Japan, the most exclusive designer names can be found here, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada. Besides international brands, specialty stores featuring items such as wedding-kimono ensembles gives Ginza its distinctive Japanese twist to this otherwise faceless high fashion mile. Besides fashion, Ginza is also known for its exorbitantly priced coffee, nightclubs, and galleries. If you’re not a shopper, visit the Kabuki-za Theatre showcasing the traditional live Kabuki show or pop by one of the dozen film theatres, small bars, or cafes for an exorbitantly priced cup of coffee.

Electronics Shopping in Tokyo

Akihabara Electric Town, otherwise known as ‘Akiba’ by the locals, is where you’ll find electronics, computer games, anime, and Otaku culture. From electrical parts and spare computer components to micro-cameras and anything electronic, Akihabara is your best bet. Head to the backstreets of Soto Kanda 3-choice for second-hand items or visit the big-name stores such as Laox or Ishimaru located near the station for general items. However, venture a little further into the locales and you’ll be rewarded with more variety and lower prices. Otaku (a Japanese diehard fan culture), anime and manga stores occasionally intersperse the many electronic and robotic stores of Akihabara.

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