The Colours of Korea

The Colours of Korea

Rising in fame over the past few years due to its widely celebrated pop culture, the Land of the Morning Calm is home to not only some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world but also boasts a variety of poetic landscapes, made famous through their acclaimed media productions. From its lush green Jeju Island to its seasonal national parks, Korea’s rich colors make it picture-perfect on and off the silver screen.

Surely one of the most iconic sceneries in Korea, Namiseom is a quaint island featuring the Metasequoia path, a forest path surrounded by pristine white birches and pines all year around. Film-makers saw the potential of this idyllic landscape and made it into a set for their works, the most famous being “Winter Sonata”. Namiseom is a gem because of its dedication to environmental and cultural preservation. It offers visitors the chance to appreciate Korea’s natural beauty with minimal commercialization and is also the host of many international cultural events. Visitors can stroll along the beautiful restored island or visit their Art Handicraft Studio for a deeper engagement with the Nami crafts of ceramics and pottery.

The vibrancy of Seoul can be captured in its major commercial district, Dongdaemun Market. Boasting over 30,000 specialty shops and two dozen upscale shopping malls, it is teeming with energy and visitors can find absolutely everything to bring back home as gifts. From clothes and electronics to whimsical toys and mouth-watering Korean cuisine, one is spoilt for choice. As an added bonus, the Dongdaemun Market has many shops which operate all through the night, and the rest close at 5 am daily! Whether it is a midnight snack or a night activity away from ordinary clubs and drinking spots, Dongdaemun Market is a delightful place to explore for visitors of all ages.

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Seoul also offers classes for visitors who are fans of Korean cuisine and want to try their hands at making Kimchi or Bibimbap. Jeongseon Auraji offers a unique rail bike excursion, which is a unique, newly developed leisure sport that combines biking along a railway, enabling visitors to enjoy scenic views of clear valley waters and rich red foliage as they cycle. The trail is a steady gradual descent that is easy to ride along, and the rail bike moves at a comfortable pace. For those who wish to immerse themselves further in Korea’s natural wonders, the Jeju-Do, an official finalist of the new ’7 Wonders of nature’, is a stunning volcanic island featuring picturesque waterfalls, sandy beaches, and numerous World Heritage Sites.

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