Top 6 benefits of carrot

Top 6 benefits of carrot

Carrot is a very “powerful” vegetable, one should say. This amazing vegetable’s power has just been overlooked. Carrots provide vitamin A and now let’s take a look at what benefits this vitamin can give us

Prevents cancer:
The risk of lung cancer and breast cancer are reduced to a great extent, studies have proved.

Glowing skin:
Carrots contain vitamin A, whose deficiency causes skin dryness. A carrot a day also keeps nails and hair healthy. Uneven skin tone, acne, pigmentation, and wrinkling can be prevented.

For good sleep:
A glass of carrot juice a day is all you need for good sleep. Drinking carrot juices produces melatonin in the body which is required for proper sleep.

Regulates blood sugar levels:
Carrot juice helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Carrot contains potassium lack of which, one may experience variation in energy levels

The presence of Beta carotene levels acts as an anti-oxidants and hence prevents cell damage, it also slows down the dying of cells.

Good for vision:
The presence of high levels of beta-carotene, which are connected to vitamin A is good for the retina. Hence eating carrots or drinking carrot juice is “good for the eyes”.

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