These Places Are Associated with American History

These Places Are Associated with American History

The US has more than 2,600 national historic sites acting as “witnesses”, these places have a significant impact through events, people, timelines, archaeological discoveries.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York:

Completed in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge is New York’s top famous attraction. The bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn is divided by the East River. As one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, this work has become a national historic site since 1964. With a main span of 486 meters long, Brooklyn is also the first suspension bridge made of steel. Today, thousands of vehicles and pedestrians cross the bridge every day.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico:

The oldest settlement in Puerto Rico Old San Juan is an integral part of the Latino heritage in America. Colorful San Juan, featuring Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture. In addition to being a county on the list of national historic sites, Old San Juan is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico:

Located near the town of Taos, Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest Pueblo communities in America. Taos Pueblo stands out for its brick-style, multi-story buildings dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. This site is still inhabited by the indigenous Taos-speaking Puebloan peoples.

Library of Congress, Washington DC:

The Library of Congress is the oldest federal cultural institution in the country and also the largest library in the world. Here you can find American patent and trademark offices. Besides visiting directly, you can also experience this place via a virtual trip service.

Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana:

Originally a sugar cane plantation, Oak Alley has been in existence for more than 200 years. Today, visitors come here to learn about the history of slavery. The 11-hectare estate has double oak rows leading to the main house. Landscape and architecture help Oak Alley earn the title of a national historic site.

Biltmore Estate, North Carolina:

Located in Asheville, Biltmore Estate offers a glimpse of pure luxury life. It is the largest privately owned mansion in the US with lavish interiors and beautiful gardens. Today, the site operates as a tourist attraction with guided tours.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania:

Eastern State Penitentiary used to be the most expensive prison in the world. One of the most famous prisoners before was the infamous gangster boss Al Capone. After nearly 200 years, the massive and dilapidated Eastern State Penitentiary becomes a history museum. Visitors to the prison can visit Al Capone’s cell.

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