Salad Diet For Weight Loss

Salad Diet For Weight Loss

Originally the word “salad” is not familiar to us with a mixture of vegetables, yogurt, eggs, creams, or fruits – it’s a proud name in which purely dishes are made with raw leafy vegetables and with a variety of herbs. For example, the first famous salad was a mixture of endive, parsley, and onion, dressed with honey, vinegar, pepper, and salt, invented in ancient times. Recognition in Europe for this new dish received popularity much later.

To date, salad is the superlative contrasting recipe dish for those who want to maintain harmony or plan to lose weight. Practically salads for weight loss can be considered with fresh vegetables like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, cabbage, pumpkin, radish, daikon, onions, and lettuce. Salad harmony: Women, who choose a “salad diet”, must remember that the mixture in profusion offered in the culinary department of modern shops, does not have low calories.

But even if you are going to prepare salads at home, you will have to give up the familiar and commonly used ingredients dishes: potatoes, canned peas and corn, rice and other cereals, pasta, cheese, etc. Certain restrictions are also imposed on the carrots and beets: but in raw form, they are best to be used as an extra, but they should not be considered as the main element of dishes. Salads can be a great option for the diet or fasting days. Take 1.5-1.7 kg with a variety of fresh vegetables and cook them with different varieties for more salads.

Just do not try to eat it all at once! Divide the resulting dish into five–six portions you will eat during the day. A little secret notifies that the less salt you put in the salad; it will be the more effective the way to reduce the weight. Natural yogurt fat 1-2.5% – Can be used as a self-fueling, and you can add a little mustard, salt, and sugar, for a taste achievement similar to the mayonnaise. Yogurt is suitable for filling vegetable salads.

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