Purchasing & Cashing Out

Purchasing & Cashing Out

This week’s tip focuses the purchasing and cashing out your money. Every online casino has its methods. When trying out a new internet casino, read their policies closely to see how they work and with whom they work (PayPal, Kneeler, credit cards, wire transfers). Be sure they have the cashing out method you want and delay that seems ok to you. Try it out before really playing so you will know if they are efficient. (I.e. purchase less than $100, play the games you like, cash out your winnings and see how long it takes for them to either credit your credit card or send you a check or both. If all goes well and fast then you can really play without doubting how your cash out will work)

Bonus chips at sign up

When signing up or making a purchase to get free chips, be sure to comply with the qualification requirements before cashing in. Some casinos will ask that you play double, trip, or even five times the purchase amount before being able to cash out. If you don’t, they will subtract the bonus chips amount from your withdrawal. My advice: add up your bet with a calculator as you are playing so you will know when you can withdraw under their terms and conditions! Bonus chips at sign-up or on purchasing is very common. They are also fun to get because they bring up your chance of winning. However, be AWARE of their terms and conditions.

Match play bonus money vs. bonus chips.

There’s a difference between bonus chips and match-play money. With bonus chips, if you get $25 in bonus chips, they add it to your balance. And if you bet $5 at the blackjack table and win, you’ll get 10$ back from the dealer. With the match play bonus, if you get $25 in match play money, they’ll put it in a separate balance. If you bet $5 from the match play money balance and win a hand at blackjack, you will NOT get $10 from the dealer. You’ll only get the winnings, which is $5 in your real account balance. My advice: read carefully and then have fun!

On November 22, 1917, the National Hockey Association (NHA) owners created a new league, to avoid problems with the Toronto owner Eddie Livingstone. And so the National Hockey League was born with Frank Calder the secretary for the NHA as the new league’s president. The NHL awarded franchises to the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadians, Toronto, and Montreal Wanderers. Quebec was also granted a franchise but the club owners chose not to play that first year. The NHL proceeded to draw up a 22-game schedule running from December 19 through March 10. During the NHL’s first season a major rule was changed. Before the beginning of the 1917/18 season, goalies were not allowed to fall down on the ice to make a save and if they did they were finned $2. The NHL decided to change the rule allowing goalies to assume any position to make a save. The NHL schedule was divided into two halves. The winner of each half would play against the other for the NHL title. If one team was in first place for both halves of the season they were automatically awarded the NHL title. The winner of the NHL would then play the winner of the PCHA (Pacific Coast Hockey Association) for the Stanley Cup. In the 1917-18 seasons the Montreal Canadians won the first half of the season and the Toronto Arenas won the second half. The two teams squared off in the best two games total goals playoff. The Arenas won with 10 goals to 7. Toronto then prepared to play the Vancouver Millionaires

who had a dangerous player the cyclone had scored 32 goals to win the PCHA scoring race and had helped Vancouver eliminate Seattle for the right to play against the Arenas for Lord Stanley’s Cup. In the best-out-of-five series, the Millionaires and the Arenas split the first four before playing the fifth and final game. The Toronto Arenas emerged over the Vancouver Millionaires with a 2-1 win. Corbett Denney scored the game-winning goal giving the Toronto Arenas the first Stanley Cup for the NHL.

With the loss of the Montreal Wanderers from the year before the NHL was down to three teams in1918/19. With the end of the World War, many people expected army players to return to play, but few players were discharged in time for the season. Before the season started, the NHL adopted several key rule changes from the PCHA. The most prominent change was the addition of the two blue lines dividing the ice surface into three zones with forward passing only allowed in the neutral zone. Kicking the puck became legal and the league also added assists as points. When the NHL first added assists it was a lot harder to get one than it is today. The player couldn’t just touch the puck as he does now; instead, he had to make the pass that resulted in a goal. This began to change slowly with time, making it easier for a player to record an assist. The penalty rules were also changed. A minor penalty would leave a team shorthanded for three minutes, a major five, and for a match penalty, a team would be shorthanded for the rest of the game.

1918/19 was the only year in the history of the NHL that there was no Cup winner because the great influenza epidemic struck shredding the ranks of the Canadians and Seattle refused to be awarded the Stanley Cup. With the PCHA in full swing a player, shuffle began in 1919/20 between the NHL and the PCHA. The season also had a record-breaking crowd of 8,500 watching the Toronto game versus Ottawa. Ottawa managed to win both halves of the season Ottawa took the Cup in five games with the last two games played on artificial ice because of the hot weather.

On the opening night for the Stanley Cup finals in the 1920/21 season a record 11,000 people attended. Vancouver and Ottawa split the first four games and then Ottawa won the fifth by a score of 2-1 capturing their second cup in a row. This marked the first-ever back-to-back Stanley Cup championship.

There were a lot of changes in both the NHL and the PCHA. The NHL started off by dropping the split schedule. Instead, a single schedule would be played out with a playoff between the first and second place team. This eliminated the idea that if you won the first half of the schedule you could slack off during the second half. In the PCHA the penalty shot was introduced which was awarded to a player who was interfered with after breaking in all alone on the goalie. In the west, a new league was formed called the Western Canada Hockey League. The winner of the new league would challenge the champion of the PCHA to represent the west for the Stanley Cup. In the Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver and Toronto split the first four games and then Babe Dye buried four goals to give Toronto the 5-1 win and the Stanley Cup. Although Ottawa had been plagued with injuries that drastically reduced their lineup during the series against Montreal, they eliminated Vancouver in four games and then took Edmonton in two straight to capture the Stanley Cup.

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