One of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies

One of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you should realize by now that I really believe in list building. I absolutely know it’s one of the best internet marketing strategies you can master and when I say master, there’s a real knack for doing it right. Let’s explore why list building is so important. As you may know, there are many ways to make money online. There are also many people out there teaching you how to make money using these various methods and many people actually do it. However, list building should be at the top of that list because it has so many advantages over other internet marketing strategies.

Here are my top 8 advantages to listing buildings.

CONTROL: Unlike SEO and ranking websites at the top of search engines, you control the list. Therefore, you control your income. With SEO, you’re at the mercy of Google and the other search engines. When their algorithm changes, your rankings may change and this, my friends, will affect your income. Don’t let Google, Yahoo, or Bing control your income.

TRUST: You may already know that in order to make money online, your customers must trust you. No one buys from someone they don’t trust. Although there are many ways to build trust, one of those ways is to correspond with your list in a personal, timely manner.

NO GUESSWORK: Although there are many ways to build a list, they are all easy and involve absolutely NO guesswork. If you have the desire and money, you could have a list of 5,000 people in a few short weeks by paying for traffic in the form of solo ads and other paid advertising. Of course, there are other ways to get traffic that have proven results. I’ll go into those in another post.

NO STRESS: Because there is no guesswork, there is also no stress. I repeat no stress. You can’t say that about SEO. I’ve known many people over the years making money using SEO to rank websites, getting completely stressed out about their rankings and the next Google update.

COMMUNITY: In today’s “social media” world, it’s important to involve people in your niche. Business today is no longer a one-way street you communicate to your customers. It involves total instructiveness between you and all your customers. Starting a list and continuing it on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter is a way to form that community. Social media is an important strategy for marketing products online.

REPEAT BUSINESS: Once you have a responsive list that you know, you’ll be able to offer them products that they want and need and many will purchase them. Without a list, you’ll always be searching for more and more traffic to make the same amount of sales. With list building, a bigger list means bigger sales.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: If you’re using list building correctly, you should be getting feedback from people that are buying the products you’re promoting. Ask for opinions, offer a reward for filling out a survey, and ask for customer satisfaction reports and you’ll have a much better handle on what products your customers need that will make their lives better.

AN ASSET: Your list is a valuable business asset that you can sell along with your business. This means more money for you.

If these advantages haven’t proven to you that list building is an effective internet marketing strategy, consider this, most online gurus have made their fortunes by marketing products to their lists.

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