How to Baffle Squirrels

Baffle Squirrels

Even though there is no sure way to “Squirrel Proof” your bird feeder we have some suggestions we hope will be useful in thwarting their efforts.

For Post Feeders

Be sure to locate your feeder well away from tree branches or other places from which a squirrel might jump. Installing a 16″ diameter baffle between the post and the feeder should keep squirrels from getting to the seed. Or you can try a metal cylinder baffle (or 5 lb. coffee tin) just below the feeder. (If you use a coffee tin, be sure the open end of the can facing the ground is not sharp.) At one time, the application of vaseline, oil, or silicone to the pole was routinely recommended to discourage squirrels; however, these substances can end up on birds‘ feathers and impair their ability to fly and for this reason, this solution is no longer recommended.

For Hanging Feeders

Install a 16″ baffle above the feeder. Or, for a more elaborate arrangement: hang the feeder from wire or rope that you string between two trees or posts; then place baffles mid-way between the feeders and the ends of the wire. Old 33 rpm plastic records are ideal as baffles on such a line. Also, the plastic containers for 35mm camera film or plastic soda bottles can be strung on the line on each side of the feeder. Make certain the wire is high enough from the ground so the squirrels can’t jump up onto your feeder or the wire.

Finally, if squirrel problems persist, you may want to consider putting out a “diversion” feeder, a feeder just for the squirrels, filled with either peanuts, cracked corn, or their favorite, sunflower seeds (striped or black oil). This food should be easily accessible to them. Perhaps with their own supply of food, they will leave your feeders to the birds. Be sure any diversion feeder is placed away from the bird feeders and always in the same place.

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