How Effective Small Business

How Effective Small Business

You may or may not understand the importance of good small business copywriting (yet), but I’m sure you understand this Leaving money on the table is painful, frustrating, and completely unnecessary. But here’s the good news…superior small business copywriting can help you keep all the money you have coming to you. In fact, using time-tested copywriting principles in all of your business communications can catapult your business to heights you’ve only dreamed of.

Leaving money on the table can result in quite a few business mistakes, but one of the most common is ineffective or insufficient Best online marketing. As a small business or nonprofit leader, you simply can’t afford that kind of front-end or back-end waste, can you?
Mega companies such as Microsoft or Coca-Cola get away with ineffective marketing techniques because they can “afford” to saturate all of us with multimillion-dollar image advertising or branding campaigns. For example, if you’ve seen any movies recently, you probably have witnessed Coca-Cola’s flashy commercials featuring an animated tiger or lots of teenagers skateboarding ecstatically…but let’s be real for a moment…does an animated tiger stepping out of a limo at a glitzy premiere event (with a can of Coke in his hand) make you want to drop everything and rush out to the nearest vending machine? Of course not.

Most advertisements like these are pure entertainment, with little or no measurable Return On Investment (ROI). If you are a small business or nonprofit decision-maker, you live and die by ROI, right? If the numbers don’t make sense, you just aren’t going to waste your precious money, time, and energy developing the piece, no matter how clever it is. The sad fact is that most small businesses take their cues from the big, wasteful Wall Street behemoths and spend too much money on untrackable image advertising and “branding”. What is the one-time-tested alternative to these money-sucking and business-killing practices? Small business copywriting grabs your customers and prospects by the hand and leads them directly to your product or service.

Because your name recognition in the marketplace probably isn’t at the level of a mega-company, you need highly targeted, results-driven marketing. You need to know exactly what the ROI is for every dollar you spend on advertising. How can you do this? It’s simple, really. You need to fully exploit the power of direct-response copywriting. Direct-response copywriting is probably the most underused tool in your marketing bag (like most businesses). If you are already in direct marketing, you know the value of a strong copy. It is the backbone of all your marketing efforts. As a direct marketer, you may be looking for more reliable copywriters. Check out the small business copywriting services of Marketing Ranger right now – you just may find that your needs and our services fit like a glove.

You’d be surprised how simple it is to replace your expensive, underperforming ads with crisp, response-boosting, measurable ones. Simply use honest, hype-free small business copywriting. Clear, effective salesmanship in writing. If you provide superior sales copy to properly chosen, qualified prospects or existing customers, you will never want cash again. Period. Our business here at Marketing Ranger is providing effective small-business copywriting services to decision-makers just like you. With a smile. We believe that the thousands upon thousands of small enterprises in this world (like yours) are the answer to all of our difficulties. Your enterprise and how you relate to the people you serve can be a positive force for change!

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