Hong Kong Family Vacation Activities

Hong Kong Family Vacation Activities

Hong Kong Family Vacation Activities

Hong Kong is known as one of the best destinations for eating and shopping. If you are heading to Hong Kong with your family this coming holiday and need some ideas on what to do in Hong Kong, recommendations on fun things to do with your family while in Hong Kong. Take a Pink Dolphin Cruise at Lantau Island

This is an activity that will excite not just the kids, but the entire family. Take a cruise into the Pearl River Delta to spot the endangered pink dolphins. The pink dolphins living in the waters around Hong Kong are pinker than the Boto dolphins of the Amazon River in South America. Families going on the cruise do not have to worry about disturbing the dolphins as the trip is designed to minimize the disturbance to these beautiful creatures. The Pink Dolphin Cruise at Lantau Island, Hong Kong will be a great learning and enriching experience for the whole family during the holiday.

Go to Hong Kong Disney Land

Hong Kong Disneyland is now one of the most famous theme parks in the region. Hong Kong Disneyland is a definite must-go for families on holiday with kids. Though the theme park is comparatively smaller to the US parks, families will still be able to have a day or two of fun in this popular vacation attraction. Families will also enjoy the shows and fireworks at night.

Visit Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a must-visit for everyone on holiday in Hong Kong, whether with your family, significant other, or your friends. Families will enjoy the peak tram ride up the steep mountain and once at the top, you will be surrounded by a 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong. Families that happen to visit in the evening will get to see Hong Kong all lit up in its city lights. Besides sightseeing, there are restaurants shops, and even Madam Tussauds Wax Museum for families to enjoy.

Go to Ocean Park

The Ocean Park in Hong Kong is one of the best attractions for families holidaying with children and youths. The park has plenty of rides for a range of ages from younger kids to teenagers. Families will also enjoy the animal exhibits including a panda exhibit and jellyfish aquarium. Families on holiday should not miss out on the dolphin and sea lion shows at Ocean Park either.

Eat Dim Sum

Hong Kong is the homeland of Dim Sum. It is easy to find a Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Popular Dim Sum choices for kids include Char Siu Bao, Cheong Fun, and Dan Tat among many others. Also, tea is served with the dishes. Dim Sum is great for the family as the food is usually steamed or fried and guaranteed delicious!

Shopping in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

What’s a holiday to Hong Kong without shopping in one of Asia’s best shopping destinations? Families can visit Mong Kok for lively street markets selling every single thing imaginable. Popular street markets include Flower Market and Ladies’ Market. Everyone in the family will definitely find something for themselves in Hong Kong’s street markets.

Take a Hong Kong Walk

Get to know Hong Kong by going on trails around Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Families can choose from 8 themed walks that will bring them through the different districts in Hong Kong including Yau Ma Tei & Mongkok, and Fanling Walled Village. These trails are perfect holiday activities for the family as it offers ample opportunities to experience the diverse and vibrant living culture of Hong Kong.

Visit the Big Buddha at Lantau Island

The Buddha statue is the world’s largest Buddha in the world. Also a sight not to be missed while on holiday with your family, it is free of charge to go up to the Big Buddha. However, families will have to purchase vegetarian coupons to enter the 3 levels of the exhibition hall beneath the giant statue. Located at Po Lin Monastery in the mountainous area of Lantau Island, families on holiday to Hong Kong will get to experience the natural and cultural aspects of this country.

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