For a Good Sleep

For a Good Sleep

Only a good sleep will make your day better. A good, peaceful, and undisturbed sleep will make your day productive and a successful one. Sleeping well is also a way to look fresh and attractive. It prevents dark circles and helps you manage stress. Consider these ways to have a good slumber:

Best Sleeping Positions

One needs a minimum of 7hrs to sleep. Sleeping more during the weekends or an afternoon nap won’t make it up. An afternoon sleep must end before 4 pm.
Do not try to take decisions or get stressed about work before going to sleep. Have a peaceful sleep. Mornings are always there to sit back and make a good decision and hence start right away.
Consuming caffeine or alcohol will affect good sleep. If you are having it make sure you give a gap of at least half an hour before sleep.
Have a warm bath or a foot soak before going to bed. Also in the mornings include physical exercise in your daily schedule.
It’s good to use a silk bedsheet, as silk will make you feel warm when it’s cold outside, and when it’s hot outside, it will keep you cool.
Do not use loud alarm rings to wake up. Use a soothing tone, that’s just audible enough to wake you up.
Always prefer sleeping in complete darkness. Put a curtain if you see moonlight entering or use an eye mask to block out light completely.

Depending on personal preferences, comfort level, and health considerations, there may be different optimum sleeping positions. Here are a few positions for sleeping that are frequently advised:

Side Sleeping: Sleeping on your side is a common position that has a number of advantages. It can help lessen snoring, sleep apnea symptoms, and the possibility of acid reflux. A pillow or blanket placed between your knees can enhance comfort and help keep your spine in proper alignment.

Back sleeping: Maintaining appropriate spinal alignment can be achieved by sleeping on your back with a cushion supporting the natural curve of your neck and a tiny pillow under the backs of your knees. As the weight is distributed evenly in this position, people with back discomfort may find it helpful. In contrast, it might make symptoms worse for individuals

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