Create an Open Plan Kitchen Diner

Open Plan Kitchen Diner

The kitchen area could be the heart of the household so creating an open strategy spot that combines the dynamics of cooking, eating, and living, adds real value C not just in terms of monetary worth, but in terms of quality time too. Whether a small breakfast bar in the W1 pied terre or a 12-seater table inside a cavernous loft apartment, it’s a place that will be utilized from breakfast using suppertime and beyond and one that feels distinctly additional contemporary and urban than a formal dining room.

A rounded or oval island can bring new life to a kitchen. It’s a very good place to fit an oven or sink, additional cupboard space, and additional plug sockets. If you’re short on place, opt for shallow ceiling-mounted cupboards. Leave about 120cm between units and islands. Set aside ten percent of your budget for unforeseen costs. Do some of the uncomplicated work yourself for example painting and pulling up old flooring, although don’t be tempted to take on more than it is possible to handle.
Use coffered or vaulted ceilings to vary the height across your kitchen. This helps to generate the illusion of more area.

Inside the Zone

Think carefully about where to define your areas of activity. You don’t want guests in your way while you preparing food but you are still required to be able to clink glasses with them. The kitchen island is a good way of naturally dividing the place and if you choose a single having a tall backsplash it hides the preparation clutter and dirty dishes too. Attempt to position the eating area as close to natural light as feasible. When you live inside a house the optimal view is over the garden. Should you live in a flat position your table next to a window? If your kitchen/diner is big enough to enable a separate living location attempt to anchor this room using a focal point just like a fireplace or sofa and coffee table. If room or space is much more limited, you could introduce a nook or alcove on the plans. Even so, you arrange the room just be sure that individuals at the table can pull their chairs back freely and have room to move around without traversing obstacles.

The rules of light

Inside the kitchen/diner, you’ll be able to reinforce the notion of separate zones with distinct lighting for each of the areas, for instance within the cooking and preparation region from the kitchen, you will need task lighting. It is possible to also adjust track lights to illuminate a specific spot and angle spotlights over say, a painting. From the dining place low-hanging pendants on dimmer switches will produce an atmosphere, particularly if combined with low-level lighting. If there is a region that’s generally applied for reading or working, a funky anglepoise lamp will work perfectly.

Style Advice

This may be the location of your respective house with the highest footfall and passing traffic so it needs to become simple to keep clean, especially if you have children. Use wipeable paints and if your chairs are upholstered make certain the covers may be very easily removed and washed. And attempt to harmonize the styling in the kitchen and eating locations. The rustic Tuscan-themed dining spot will jar unhappily with an industrial stainless steel kitchen area, but add a glass table and white leather chairs to the mix and it operates perfectly.

The air we breathe

The smell of cooking is delicious inside the kitchen but not so excellent inside the bedroom so to prevent odors from wafting from your open plan into other locations of your house you’ll require efficient ventilation ducted via the roof or exterior wall. A cooker hood having a strong extractor fan is an important investment.

Declutter bug

If you’re knocking a wall down to develop a new place you may have to sacrifice some high-level cupboard space. If so opt for an island or a peninsula which can offer up valuable cupboard and drawer storage. Do bear in mind that from the open-plan room or space all your clutter, preparation, utensils, and foodstuffs are in full view of the guests so be ruthless with what’s allowed for worktop residency.

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