Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I remember the first time I made chocolate-covered strawberries. I didn’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day so I invited my parents over for a special dinner. I bought two red roses for both my mom and dad. I had a nice dinner prepared for them. For dessert, chocolate-covered strawberries. They really enjoyed it. Especially the chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s very simple to make, but for those of you who don’t know, I have some really nice and simple tips that will make great chocolate-covered strawberries. If anyone out there wants to share their tips on how to make this delightful dessert, please share them.

Here are your ingredients:

1 carton of fresh strawberries. (buy more if you like)

1 8oz box of Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate. (buy more depending on the # of strawberries you buy) I would say 1 box could make about 30 chocolate strawberries.

1/2 cap is full of vegetable oil. (Keeps the chocolate from drying out in the pot.

I would use a double boiler or a fondue pot to melt chocolate. Follow the instructions that come with these appliances.

Ok, say you don’t have a double boiler or a fondue pot. I don’t have a fondue pot or a double boiler either so I will show you how I make my very own double boiler. Take two pots, one large and the other small. Fill the larger pot about halfway with water. Set the smaller pot inside the larger pot. Viola, you have a double boiler.

Make sure you don’t let the smaller pot sink all the way down because you don’t want the water to spill out of the larger pot or get inside the smaller pot. I would recommend using pots with handles.


Boil the water in the larger pot. After the water boils, turn to medium heat.

Add 1/2 cap full of oil to the smaller pot. (Remember this keeps the chocolate from drying out).

Place a smaller pot that has the oil in it inside the larger pot with the boiling water. All you need is for the bottom half of the smaller pot to get hot.

Place the chocolate bars inside the smaller pot with the oil and let it melt completely. Stir occasionally.
Dip the strawberries 1/2 way in the chocolate and place on wax paper.

Let refrigerate for about 1 hour or until the chocolate hardens. There you have it. A nice treat.

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