Australia Gold Coast Attractions

Australia Gold Coast

Famed for its surfer babes and hunks, epic waves, and golden beaches, Gold Coast Australia is a laidback easy-going city everyone would love to spend a vacation at. However, we’re pretty sure there’s more to Gold Coast than just surfing and beaches. Whether you’ve been to Gold Coast a million times or not, you’re bound to fall in love with this sunny carefree city. Here we put together a list of great things to do in Gold Coast, Australia.

Bushwalking in Gold Coast Hinterland

Bushwalking is Australian lingo for ‘Hiking’. Go bushwalking to experience another side of the Gold Coast’s beauty. With over 100,000 hectares of national parks and reserves, criss-crossed with miles of captivating bushwalking trails that is more than enough to wear down the soles of your hiking shoes. Turn away from the sun, surf, and dazzling white sandy beaches for a day, and explore the rural patchwork of vineyards, peaceful stretches of country roads, canyons, and valleys of the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Visit Gold Coast theme parks

It’s impossible not to love theme parks. What’s more, Gold Coast is full of it, from death-defying roller coasters to furry animal petting zoos, there’s a theme park for everyone in Gold Coast. Dreamworld is one such example that is a popular option among families visiting Gold Coast, Australia. You’ll find the classics, roller coasters, and kid-friendly rides at this quintessential theme park. If you’re into animals, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the place for you. Visitors get to see the famous Australian native animals such as wallabies, Kangaroos, and koalas up close. For movie buffs, Movie World theme park is a must-visit, while Sea World brings marine life to you, with a wide range of fishes, sharks, and dolphins among many others. Not forgetting Wet ‘n’ Wild, a water theme park with amazing waterslides, pools, dives, and rides; a great way to cool off in the blazing summer heat while having fun.


Surf’s up in Gold Coast Australia! Known for some of the best and more consistent waves in Australia, surfing is arguably one of the favorite local past times. If you already know how to surf, then head to one of the four-point breaks or beach breaks for some epic waves. The perfect conditions to guarantee a wave happens about once a week on average. If you’re terribly lucky, you’ll catch a truly awesome swell that hits only once every few months; that’s when the beaches get really crowded. On the other hand, if you’re not a surfer, where else better to learn surfing than at the home of the Association of Surfing Professionals world tour?

Whale watching

Around the Coolangatta region of Gold Coast is where you’ll find the best whale-watching experience in Australia. Go on a whale-watching cruise between June and November period. The Humpback Whale Highway offers plenty of whale-watching opportunities, where you’ll get to catch the whales migrating north in the early part of the season and south with their calves later in the season. Whale watching is a fascinating experience that offers family fun all around.