Carmel By The Sea

Carmel By The Sea

Recently, I took a little day trip down to the beautiful and charming Carmel, California. I was truly amazed by all of its beauty. If you’re not familiar with Carmel by the Sea, It’s the cutest little town. It’s a take on storybook English cottages in Northern California. With many Euro-themed bistros all alongside each other in this one-square-mile village. With top-of-the-line boutiques, dining, beaches, and more it’s the perfect little getaway. As well as it’s only a few miles from Monterey. The downtown is just walking distance away from the purest California beach, which is so beautiful!! The sunsets at this beach are incredible…While the views and scenery here are just absolutely breathtaking. There’s something for everyone in Carmel.


Porta Bella

My all-time favorite! This Italian-styled restaurant has some of the most divine food. I’ve tried many many Italian restaurants and I must say this restaurant has such amazing authentic and fresh food. The atmosphere is so friendly and the restaurant is so warm & welcoming! The outside is the cutest little cottage and looks so beautiful! The inside has so much character and gives off a very vintage feel. The back patio is charming as well and is perfect for any dining experience. This is a MUST on your trip to Carmel.

Dametra Cafe

This Mediterranean-styled restaurant is always packed for its great atmosphere! The restaurant constantly has a wait all day, night, and week long so I highly recommend making a reservation. It’s a local favorite and is truly a special experience. The atmosphere is very lively and is for a great time. The food is flavorful, the presentation is appetizing, and the entertainment is enjoyable.

Carmel Bakery

The heaven of sweets! Located perfectly in the strip of downtown this bakery is delicious! The line is always out the door for these baked goods. They have an overwhelming amount of assortments because it all just looks so good! If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to stop!


Mackenzie Childs

Of course, when I realized there was a Mackenzie Child’s showroom here, I was in heaven! Located in the downstairs of Fortune, it’s a little tricky to find, but is well worth it! They have such a beautiful display going on and have so many varieties of options from all different collections. It’s organized so well and its appearance was so appealing! I saw so many people peeking through the window to check it out cause it looked truly beautiful. If you simply love Mackenzie Childs like me, then you need to stop and check it out!

Carmel Plaza

They have a mini upscale outdoor shopping mall here as well! It’s perfect for any warm day to walk around. And with stores ranging from Tiffany and Co, Kate Spade, and Anthropologie, this little plaza so perfect for all. Located at the beginning of the downtown strip it’s at an easy convince to everything.


Carmel Cottage Inn

If you want the Pure Carmel experience, you can actually rent little cottages here! How cute is that?! All the many options of little cottages to choose from are beyond delightful. Their appeal is so beautiful & welcoming as well. Surrounded by lush gardens it’s such an exquisite experience. Especially being steps away from the beach, and 5 minutes from the edge of the pebble golf course. The location is supreme and lets you sit and relax to take in all the views.

La Playa Carmel

An upscale and simply beautiful boutique hotel! Its scenery is absolutely breathtaking and will make you fall in love. Its rooms are clean & pretty and have gorgeous views. As well as a stunning courtyard filled with a Garden, Pool, and a life-size version of chess for the best entertainment. This hotel is the most perfect getaway spot!

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