Top Canadian Cuisine

Top Canadian Cuisine

Canada is a haven of diverse culinary delights where there is something for everyone. From locally grown fresh produce to world-renowned delicacies, Canada’s food scene is a melting pot of flavors that can adapt to any kind of palate. If you’re a food lover and planning a trip to Canada, make sure to try these must-eats that will leave you craving for more.


This Quebec-originated dish has gained fame all over Canada. In its simplest form, it’s made with french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. However, variations of poutine can have toppings like pulled pork, bacon, or even lobster. Make sure to try this Canadian classic to understand why it’s so loved.

Montreal-style Bagels

Unlike typical bagels, Montreal-style bagels contain sweetened dough, boiled in honey-sweetened water, and then baked in a wood oven. The result is a perfectly chewy and slightly sweet bagel that’s delicious enough to eat on its own or with cream cheese.

Butter Tarts

This pastry is a must-try in Canada. It’s typically made with butter, sugar, and eggs, but variations can include raisins or pecans. Its flaky crust and gooey filling make it a dessert that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Nanaimo Bars

Named after a city in British Columbia, this no-bake dessert consists of a crumbly chocolate base, a creamy custard filling, and a layer of chocolate ganache on top. It’s a dessert that’s easy to find in coffee shops and bakeries across the country.

Lobster Roll

Fresh Atlantic Lobster, mayo, and a soft bun are what make up this delicious sandwich from Canada’s east coast. Whether you’re in Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia, make sure to indulge in this east coast delicacy.


While the name may be a bit misleading, Beavertails are actually a type of dessert. These fried pastries are shaped like, you guessed it, a beaver’s tail. They are typically topped with Nutella, cinnamon sugar, or even maple syrup and can be found in locations all across Canada.

Maple Syrup

Canada is known for its maple syrup, and rightfully so. It’s a natural sweetener and can be used in everything from baked goods to cocktails. Make sure to try some fresh maple syrup on pancakes or waffles to really experience the true Canadian flavor.

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