Is Twitter Uncool?

Is Twitter Uncool?

In an age of multimedia where popular culture was only beginning to truly embrace social networking websites as the norm rather than the exception, the explosive popularity of Twitter has caught many people off-guard and led them to wonder: Is this a fad? Or is this just another uncool application for web geeks everywhere?

Although Twitter was undoubtedly more quickly praised by techies than by their more down-to-earth peers, the question persists as to whether it has true relevancy for most. There are a few reasons that suggest that this micro-blogging service is the next big thing that is here to stay.

The Power of Popularity

With over 40 million users and rising, Twitter is no longer a fringe service solely for the nerds and dorks of the internet-obsessed scene. Now everyone is taking advantage of it, from teenagers to seniors, from construction workers to authors, from distinctly personal accounts to corporate representations. According to Alex, a service that lists websites by the number of people who view them, Twitter is now number 20 on the list of most-visited websites in the world. That is an incredible feat, and not to be underestimated.

Mainstream Acceptance

Some are afraid that tweeting is reserved for an exclusive clique of users, rather than the openness presented by other social networking avenues. But with most large corporations and high-visibility individuals realizing the potential of Twitter and setting up their accounts, you can now get instant news from CNN, follow celebrities, subscribe to the New York Times feed, and interact with countless other popular organizations; or, just keep in touch with familiar friends and family.

An Ongoing Trend

Decades ago, computers were bulky machines that filled entire rooms and spit out calculations on paper. Soon, they moved to personal computing units; then, we had laptops and notebook models. Nowadays, even our cell phones are web-ready, and as more applications move to mobile devices, every opportunity is being taken to become quicker, more accessible, and more flexible. Twitter is a bold player in this new game, fitting the mold perfectly and setting an example of what is to come.

Ease of Use

One of Twitter’s primary appeals is the fact that anyone can join, quickly and painlessly, and instantly begin using its features. Whether on the website, as an app on another platform, or through third-party accesses, anyone who is used to the online experience will easily slip into an account and feel comfortable. It is this ability to attract new Twitter users in a pain-free manner that may separate Twitter from digital start-ups.

Twitter can now boast a remarkably impressive user base, participation from popular media outlets, easy integration, and iconic status as a symbol of the next phase of the Information Age. With these and other credentials stacking up, it is becoming more and more difficult to build a case that Twitter is uncool. Even if it does eventually prove to be just a passing fad, that day is nowhere in sight: For now, at least, Twitter is the cool thing that people want to be a part of.

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