Aussie Bird Life Update

Aussie Bird Life Update

Australia is home to a rich variety of avian wonders that captivate the imagination and leave visitors in awe. From the majestic kookaburra with its infectious laughter-like call to the flamboyant rainbow lorikeet with its vibrant plumage, Aussie birds are a sight to behold.

In my post on the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, I said that if you wanted to see them, then you’d be certain to see them at Yanchep National Park. A few weeks later I visited and didn’t see, or hear any of them. They seem to have largely dispersed and small groups of them can be seen all over the northern suburbs, in areas I hadn’t ever seen them before. Presumably, this is due to their breeding season, or possibly after a particular source of food. Several of them were feeding in a neighbor’s tree when I took the picture above.

I mentioned in my AussieBirdLife post about the musk duck how he would use his tail when displaying. This duck decided to give me a demonstration, incorporating all his best moves at once, like in this picture.

He opens his beak to let out a loud ‘honk’, holds his chin up to stretch his leathery flap, throws his tail over his back, and caps it off will a big splash of water with his feet.

No news is good news on the ospreys. They haven’t started nesting, but then a local wildlife warden told me that they don’t normally nest in this region until September. It’s usually in northern Australia that they nest in May/June time. I had a spell of a few weeks when I hadn’t seen them

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