Women’s Hair Diet for Hair

Diet for Hair

Only poets bestowed no epithets on women’s hair. But women’s hair has become so, you need to eat what will diet for hair. Scientists have noted that the state of curls and ringlets depends on the foods that we eat. Among them are these mega-stars, which should be on the table every day. Food that is needed: Fish, poultry, lean meat, chicken, and even better quail eggs, nuts, and legumes contain protein, which provides women’s Hair Square is on Facebook growth, as well as All these foods are rich in copper.

It is involved in pigmentation and prevents graying. In addition, copper prevents dandruff. The most important component, which is considered to have a woman’s hair keratin. For his education on a regular basis should be included in the menu, a natural vegetable oil, bread made from wheat flour, and sunflower seeds.

To preserve the natural luster and strong and resilient woman’s hair, do not forget about seaweed, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, and acidophilus. Fresh vegetables and fruits, besides being rich in beneficial fiber, contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body in general and ennoble women’s hair in particular. Vitamin A, which is a lot of carrots, green vegetables, and dog rose, making women’s hair less brittle and fragile, stimulates growth and cell division. Vitamin E is a hunter of free radicals from what women’s hair restored.

Champion of the content of vitamin E a sweet pepper. Silicon protects women’s hair from falling out. They are rich: in strawberry, nettle, and wheat. Pantothenic Acid makes women’s hair softer and with less fat, helps preserve the color and shine. It’s a lot of cauliflower and broccoli, beans.

Food, which is better to forget:

It’s fried foods, canned foods, animal fats, salty and spicy. Harmful hamburgers, hot dogs, pies, and pasties, cause a metabolic disorder that adversely affects the condition that affects women’s hair. Limit yourself to fatty food once a week, and start a fasting day.

Three original ways to strengthen women’s hair:

Diet for Hair in Swedish daily, morning and evening drink 1 tbsp. spoon of corn, olive, or sunflower oil. Diet for Hair in Danish daily cooking Hercules infusion: before bed 1 cup of oatmeal sugar and 1 liter of water, let stand for 12 hours in the morning drain, squeeze, and drink during the day for half a cup.

Diet for Hair in French:

Pour 6 tablespoons of oatmeal “Hercules,” a small amount of boiled cooled water, and add a spoonful of honey and some chopped walnuts. Leave on overnight. Grate the big apple in the morning, put a few spoonfuls of cream and some chopped dried apricots. Eat for breakfast. In the summer, you can add any fruit and berries will be even tastier and healthier.

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