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Monthly trading

This is a complete Comprehensive Business Suite, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Trading as a Business and so much more! I have created this website to teach you everything you need to know about trading from beginners to advanced stock traders. I spent years and thousands of dollars learning how to trade as a business. I have packaged all of the most important trading strategies that can make you money. then this site is for you. We will walk you through the basics of trading like what an option is and how options work. We have real examples within a trading platform that will help you learn the skills needed to be a successful trader. I also include lots of bonus material for free that will give you an edge with trading plans. I am excited to teach you how to set up a trading system online to make a monthly income.

Everything to create a business with our stock trading courses and videos. Learning the basics of the stock market as a Real Business. Real Business, What are contracts, What are options, What are spreads? What are strikes? What are credit spreads, What are debit spreads, and much more? How to use Options Spreads to Make a Monthly Income. When to place the options spread. Trade Selection, What are calendar spreads, Iron Condors, Butterfly spreads, and Straddles, How do adjust your trades, and How to close your trades? How to use the Greeks to manage your portfolio and much more.

How to use the Trading Platform

How to place an order for stocks, How to place an order for options, How to place an order for spreads, How to put a stop-loss on your order, How to place a limit order, and much more. How to Protect Your Stocks From Losses. How do you protect your portfolio when the market goes down? How to double your money when the stock falls?

How to Place Long-Term Strategies

Learn how to use options as a long-term strategy with $50 to zero risk that can make you thousands of dollars. Risk Management How to use Risk Management to keep you safe and in the game for the long term. How to buy the stock at a discount. How to buy the stock at a discount and make money if you do not buy the stock. Day Trading Strategies. Learn how to trade the inside days. Learn how to Gamma or Theta scalping.

Technical Analysis

Learn the difference between Candle Stick and Bar, Line Charts. Learn about Support & Resistance, Channels, Elite Wave, Fibonacci Rules, Head & solders, and much Portfolio Building & Management. You will receive 9 Bearish Strategies and 31 Neutral Strategies and 15 Bullish Strategies. I will explain the Profit Potential, the risk to the trade, the Breakeven Points, and Examples.

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