The Best Way to See the Taj Mahal

The Best Way to See the Taj Mahal

Some interesting facts about the Taj Mahal

There are so many interesting architectural features of the Taj Mahal, and a guided tour will highlight all of these nuances to you. For example:

The Taj Mahal looks the same from every side. The building itself is symmetrical. So there are always interesting vantage points from the other sides

The minarets surrounding the building were constructed to angle slightly outwards. This was a feature of the construction of the time as it was commonplace for buildings to collapse. By angling the minarets outward, if they did collapse, they would fall in the outward direction away from the taj mahal itself.

Our time in Delhi itself was very limited, so we decided to go for a tour without staying in Agra. This meant driving for about 2.5 hours to reach Agra for our tour. If time is permitting then we definitely recommend traveling to Agra the night before and staying there.

How to take the BEST photos at the Taj Mahal.

We got you completely covered! Check out our dedicated post with details of where to go and the camera settings to get those perfect photos.

Agra Fort

Following the Taj Mahal, our tour included a guided tour of the Agra Fort which is a short drive away. This too was relatively empty because of the timing, so we could really enjoy and take our time exploring. Following this, we had a paid-for buffet brunch which was absolutely amazing (particularly after a long day of walking around in the heat!), and then it was time to drive back to Delhi.

The Taj Mahal is something that you absolutely must visit once in your life. The larger-than-life structure is simply so beautiful, and worth the effort of a visit. We firmly believe the private tour made our lives so much easier and we even made it back to Delhi by the afternoon. We won’t sugar coat it though, it was an extremely tiring day, and combined with the intense Delhi heat, it was indeed a lot for us to handle during the day.