Must-eats in Paris

Must-eats in Paris

It is serious business for the Parisians when it comes down to food. Known for its unparalleled mastery in culinary and cuisine, food lovers from all over the world will be over the moon with the wide variety of tantalising French dishes. From deserts and snacks to main courses and everything in between, Paris is indeed the culinary capital of the world. Here, we whet your appetites with several must-eats when in Paris, the City of Lights.

The beautiful colours and myriad of flavours that macarons come with are enough to tempt and lure you into trying more than just a few. The French macarons are meringue discs made with egg whites, sandwiching a layer of butter cream, jam or ganache. These dainty sweet treats typically come in eye-catching colours. Of course, the best place to have authentic macarons in Paris is at the French patisserie where it all started, Ladurée.

Parisians chow down on Falafel while on the go. A type of street food found in Paris, Falafel is essentially deep-fried balls of chickpeas and Fava beans. Served in a pita, alongside salads, and pickled greens with sauces drizzled over it; Falafel is eaten à la sandwich style by the locals. Despite being a Middle-Eastern delicacy, the Falafel found in Paris is surprisingly delicious, especially from the well-known Falafel store in Paris, L’As de Falafel. This delicious Parisian street food will not just fill you; it is also easy on your wallet.

Just like how pasta is to Italy and chocolate is to Belgium, cheese is to France. The French have their fromage with just about everything and anything, whether it is softened over a cup of steaming hot soup, paired with glasses of wine and champagne or enjoyed on its own. As cheese is such an integral part of French cuisine, travellers will have no difficulty finding a fromagerie in Paris. When in Paris, try the Camembert or the Roquefort. Should you venture beyond Paris, remember to give the region’s speciality collection of cheeses a try.

Foie Gras
Hailed as the quintessential French delicacy, Foie Gras is the staple of every fine-dining establishment in France. The full creamy rich flavour and delicate texture of the Foie Gras is what makes it so unique. There is a variety of ways to serve Foie Gras. While there may be a whole controversy surrounding how Foie Gras is made, there is no denying that Foie Gras is an important aspect of the French heritage. Foie Gras is an expensive dish, nonetheless, splurge a little more for the high-quality Foie Gras to make it your money’s worth.

Surely, you would have heard of Escargot. It is, of course, the famous French delicacy of snails, alongside the likes of Foie Gras. Escargots are served in their shells, doused in plenty of butter, garlic and parsley. These succulent little treats are served as appetizers. Escargot is a truly classic French delicacy that every traveller to Paris, or France for that matter, should try.

French Onion Soup
From light broths to rich heavy stews, French Onion Soup can be found on the menu of just about every restaurant in Paris. Caramelised onions, croutons and a layer of cheese are the main elements of a comforting bowl of authentic French Onion Soup. The French Onion Soup is the perfect dish to have on a cold rainy day in Paris.

Another classic French pastry, the croissant is a must-try when you visit Paris. Despite being easily available around the world, the French croissant tastes very different from the ones found in bakeries from other countries. Light, buttery and flaky; dip your croissant into hot chocolate for that early morning energy breakfast or have one filled in whatever flavours you like. If nothing else, a plain classic butter croissant remains a must-try. Chocolate lovers can try the pain au chocolate, which is simply a chocolate-drizzled croissant filled with chocolate.