Law Firm Web Design

Does your law firm’s website generate qualified leads in need of immediate legal assistance every day?

Does your law firm’s website show up in a Google search?

Is your law firm’s website designed in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and encourages action?

The power of attorney website that’s created and maintained just increases the brand equity for your law firm. Our team of legal marketing experts will help you generate qualified leads so that you can build the practice you’ve always wanted.

1. Customized Law Firm Web Design — custom graphics and full search engine optimization of each page ensure an impressive first impression of your law firm

2. Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers — every touch point in your online attorney marketing campaign will be optimized for search engine rankings by our team of SEO specialists

3. Content Creation and Social Media For Law Firms — content will be created for multiple media forms including blogs, videos, press releases, and social media posts

4. Pay Per Click Campaigns for Law Firms — a customized Google Adwords campaign will be designed to generate traffic and direct qualified leads back to your law firm website

5. Video marketing services and Video SEO For Law Firms — the creation of presentations and Q&A videos for search engine optimization and improved rankings

The Basics Of Creating A Powerful Lawyer and Attorney Website

When putting together a website there are some key steps that must be followed. The first step is designing the site. Website design is the process of putting together the structure, formation, and makeup of the site. When designing a website you will first need to get a domain name. The domain name is simply the name of the site and the address to type in to gain access to it. A domain name should be the title of the law firm or a name or title that relates to it. After getting the domain name and web address you will then need to put together a template. A template is the background of the site. For a law firm, it is a good idea to have a background that is related to the legal field. Things such as images of the firm owners, the firm’s office building, or photos of a court or legal library are good images to use. You will also want to use a good color scheme as well. Once you complete this step you will want to put together information such as services offered, about the firm, and how to be contacted so prospective clients can learn about what the firm offers.

For many law firms in various locales designing a good website is a very important part of constructing the firm’s image. There are many firms in the various cities in this area. It is a good idea to have a professional web designer help put it together. An Anaheim lawyer website will be good for firms operating in the city of Anaheim. Having a good Anaheim lawyer website will enable firms in this city to have more exposure.

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