Information report on skin symptoms around the eyes

Information report on skin symptoms around the eyes

Eye skin is the thinnest around the entire body. It can be easily affected by external aspects like smoking and environmental pollution, but also the internal factors like poor nourishment, and lack of sleep. On the contrary, there are about 30 muscles on the skin surface of the face, and many of them are around the eyes. On the other hand, other muscles in the body are linked to bone, facial muscles are directly tied to other muscles or skin.

Muscle contractions around the eyes

Any contraction of these muscles will “pull” the skin. According to the research, eyes blink about 17,000 times a day. So if you multiply that number by 5 (to include laughter, crying, crookedness, winking, and eyebrow blinking) will have a total number of at least 85,000 muscle contractions around the eye, in a single day.

Characteristics of the eye area:

To understand the eye area characteristics and needs, American scientists have divided it into 3 parts, and how it is affected by the signs of aging:

The upper skin around the eyes is affected by the swelling and lack of firmness.

Around the corner of the eye area, dark lines and wrinkles appear, and the skin becomes dry and with uneven texture.

The lower surface of the skin around the eyes is pronounced with dark circles, dry skin, lack of firmness, and with rough colors. These signs of aging are caused by natural changes associated with aging, which include decreased production of collagen, several hormones, and loss of skin elasticity.

Appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes:

In addition, the appearance of dark circles and puffiness can indicate a problem in terms of retaining the top layer of skin-blood eyes. It is caused by poor circulation which can put more pressure on capillaries around the eyes. However dark circles are not just the result of aging they can be appeared in the lifestyle by discussing the above conditions.

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