How To Lose Your Double Chin

Double Chin

Do not forget about the neck when the skin care mask is applied to the face with excessive fullness because due to the formation of fatty installments on the upper part of the neck, it may often form a double chin. Double chin is known to be a frequent and unexpected “guest” on our face. Often, it appears to those who often lowered their head down. Therefore it is obligatory to avoid repeated tilts with your head. You always need to hold your head posing straight, shoulders should be leveled, the neck to some extent broad, chin somewhat elevated.

The reason for the appearance of a double chin may be the wrong place during sleep – on a high pillow – or reading while lying down. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on a flat pillow. To get rid of a double chin, you can apply a dressing on it which will be collapsed three or four times gauze saturated in lemon juice. Such a ribbon must be tied up for the most extreme bulge chins for 2030 minutes. After that, the neck should be applied with greasy nourishing cream.

After 3040 minutes a gauze strip soaked in cold water must be tied up again. The same course of action was suggested for a month and a day in the evenings. For another natural cure, we will help you to avoid obscure facial exercises. Regular execution of the following exercise literally transforms your face: your face becomes oval and clearer, and it will take a double chin, and enlarged cheeks.

Technique of performance:

  • Open your jaws and put the fingers of one hand in the interior of the lower jaw in the middle point. You can put your fingers under the hygienic napkin.
  • Cover your mouth and at the same time thwart this with your fingers, then shift your lower jaw downward and frontward. Lead time must be 15-20 seconds. Repeat this implementation 2 times with each hand.

For the effectiveness of oral exercise, finger pressure must balance the practical work of the facial muscles, and as a result – the mouth should be closed very slowly. When after a while the “target” muscles get sturdier, help yourself with a second hand. The fingers do not have to pull teeth.

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