Glowing Skin Secrets

Glowing Skin Secrets

Skin problems can often be the consequence of a disorganized lifestyle or excessive stress.

Pollution and hormonal disorders also have a say when it comes to some irritation of the skin, but with some patience, you can get rid of them. There is also an ingredient that seems to do wonders. Do you know him?

Retin-A (ie retinoic acid) is that good at all. What you may not know is that Retin-A, in its improved formula, helps slow down the aging process. This ingredient, found in many creams, facial sebum helps absorption, reducing the ugly, bright face. It also helps prevent acne. The same product eliminates wrinkles and fine lines, and promotes skin freshness!

How it works

You will not see changes from the first application. It will take between 6 and 9 weeks to see for yourself the results.

Retin-A improves the “power” of the blood of the skin, which removes dead skin cells faster. That way, the skin becomes younger-looking.

If you want a visible reduction of wrinkles, you should use a version of 0.05% cream with Retin A, and a variation of 0.1%, to treat skin acne.

Apply one coat, thin, at night and gently exfoliate your face, right after you wake up. Then apply a moisturizer, water-based, to combat the drying effect of retinoic acid.

To improve skin glow, consider incorporating the following dietary recommendations:

Lemon water and honey: Lemon water is rich in vitamin C, which helps rejuvenate the skin, while honey supports the removal of excess oil and unclogs pores.

Green tea: Contains catechins that help slow down the aging process of the skin.
Vegetable juices: Packed with vitamins and micronutrients that promote healthy skin.
Coconut water: Hydrates the skin, reduces fine lines, and wrinkles, and gives a natural glow.
Beetroot: Loaded with vitamins and minerals that instantly make the skin glow and prevent acne outbreaks.
Carrots: Rich in beta carotene, which slows aging, prevents cell degeneration and promotes glowing skin.
Remember, maintaining a healthy diet overall, staying hydrated, and following a consistent skincare routine are also essential for achieving glowing skin.

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