Family Safari Adventure in Africa

Adventure in Africa

Going on a family African safari may not be cheap but it will surely be one of the most memorable and exciting adventures you’re whole family will experience.

South Africa is the place to be for family-friendly safari adventures. All roads are great which allows families to rent their own car and see the sights for themselves at their own pleasure. This way, you can stop if you want to or go back to the hotel anytime you and your kids get pooped.

Small private wildlife parks are abundant in South Africa. In these parks, you get to see lots of animals in one go saving a lot of money and time. Most of these parks also offer various accommodations with swimming pools. Picky eaters are no problem for a wide variety of food is served in daily buffet lunches and dinners. One of the most popular areas in South Africa is the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. These beautiful locations are filled with exotic beaches and game parks. The combination is truly a winner, especially for kids.

Elephant National Park

Traveling in an exotic country such as South Africa can be quite problematic for families traveling with small kids or the elderly for mosquitoes and other insects can be abundant. Fortunately, South Africa is home to numerous malaria-free game parks so families don’t have to worry about not taking anti-malaria medication or panic every time a mosquito flies in your face. Some of the most popular malaria-free game parks are the Kwandwe Game Reserve and Addo Elephant National Park.
For the adventurous family, elephant and camel rides are a must-try. Canoeing safaris are also recommended. This allows participants to float in a canoe among crocodiles and hippos. For experienced riders, zebra and horse races are also available. If you wish to shoot animals with a hunting gun rather than a camera, a hunting safari is also available.

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