Effects Of Sun Tanning

Sun Tanning

Sunburn almost never goes out of fashion. Skin looks well-groomed, with an even and beautiful tan and it is not necessary to use tonal products, or crammed pores cosmetics but always keep in mind that natural looks will make you more eye-catching, compared to the beauty treatments! In summer, it is easy to get a stunning, natural tan without going to the solarium, using only natural and easily accessible means.

Be sure before you start tanning, make peeling skin – for example, the most common coffee. It is an appropriate immediate formula to brew. If the skin is tender, mix it with a gel, cream, or honey. Apply a scrub in a spherical movement, wait for one to two minutes (during that time all the oils infiltrate the skin and nourish it), then massage in a circular motion and rinse. The effect is stunning: the skin becomes softer, tender; slightly tinged with bronze.

Be sure to humidify your skin – absolutely suitable option for this intention is olive oil, it also makes a great shade of skin and speeds up the tan. For a great selection – dispense a little oil and water in a spray bottle and spray it on the skin. It is imperative to humidify the skin after sunburn. As you know, the sun’s heat can create skin maturation, so it is essential to take care that a beautiful tan does not affect the youth of the skin!

You should keep a nourishing moisturizer: Buy the liquified form creams with the ingredients of vitamin E, Vitamin A, and jojoba oil, and add a few drops to your regular cream. The result will be awesome. This organized cream is always excellent to use, not only for the duration of the tanning but essential oils can also be changed.

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