Comalcalco Museum is the Perfect Place to Visit If You Desire To Experience the Mayan World

Comalcalco Museum

The Comalcalco is a 750 square meters archaeological zone wherein the exhibition was held and showcases more than 400 Tabasco archaeological pieces, located for decades of exploration in such a pre-Hispanic city. Amongst the objects which are exhibited and highlighted include one of the 25 stingray spines with hieroglyphics recorded in the eighth century, discovered in the funerary of priest Papal Am Than.

The Opening of Joy’ Chan City Museum

Comalcalco Archaeological Zone located in Tabasco provides a journey to a renovated museum, which features modern musicology and an up-to-date review, showing a lot more than 400 archaeological pieces discovered during many years of exploration, from when they were uncovered 130 years passed by the explorer Desire Char nay, right until nowadays. The museum will open doors to people to see and play real money pokie and discover the Mayan world.

The brand new 750 square meters area for exhibition shows the story of the area, its natural environment, and the rituals conducted there during the olden days, funeral customs and everyday life on two floors and twice the length it had when it first opened.

Joy ‘Chan was the original name of this city which means “surrounded Heaven” in the Chop Mayan language; this city sits 90 kilometers from Villahermosa, Tabasco, and is in fact the largest city in the region from 550 to 900 AD.

Certainly, there, individuals can learn about the longest Maya epigraphic text found to date in Tabasco, registered in glyphs on the little surface of a sting ray tail from the eighth century, which was part of priestly regalia, to the current archaeological findings here in the western Maya, done by researchers at the INAH or National Institute of Anthropology and History.

The Museum’s Exhibit

The monumental buildings at Comalcalco are highlighted by the high and low relief bricks which were the stellar enclosure parts and building materials. Find some exciting games at goldenrivieracasino and make good money online. The recent musicology features 50 of these and is part of the nearly two hundred which were located in the archaeological zone.

The 2nd space shows the final findings, and one of them stands apart a sting ray stinger, Maya glyphs imprinted in the 8th century that created part of the funerary tools of jaw khaki’, “Lord of Fire”, Am Papal Than. Along with some other symbols written on shell earrings, the text about 260 glyphs recounting 14 years of the priest’s life; it was in 1998 that this offering was discovered in the south facade of the II and II A temples of the North Plaza on the archaeological area, along with 24 other spines, which also comes with inscriptions, and various other ritual objects.

This place furthermore displays the research progress regarding the burial systems created in Comalcalco, sorting them in accordance with the social position of the person entombed; seemingly, individuals with power were entombed in huge clay pots, coupled with abundant offerings. Examples of these urns can be seen at the exhibition with an actual burial in one of them.

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