China’s Beijing Is a Great Place to Shop.

China's Beijing Is a Great Place to Shop.

The 2 main shopping malls of Oriental Plaza and Sun Dong An Plaza, as well as attractions such as bungee jump towers on the street, are the main crowd drawers of Wangfujing. Always the trendsetter, Wangfujing is now reformed into a mostly pedestrian shopping mall that is closed to vehicle traffic, except for bus services. Amidst the neon strips that go on as far as the eye can see is Beijing’s largest market, Sun Dong An Market. With over 200,000 types of goods within an expansive 100,000 square meters, Wangfujing is where you’ll find the local youngsters of Beijing shopping around for the latest collections of international brands to hit the city.

Silk Market: Xiu Shui Market
Just as famous as the great attraction of the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, the Xiu Shui Market isn’t all about silk. An 8-story emporium now stands in the place of what was once a long narrow strip lined with dozens of stalls. Cashmere apparel, leather goods, down jackets, watches, handicrafts, and all sorts of little trinkets can be found at the Siu Shui Market. What’s more, most shop assistants are able to communicate in English as Xiu Shui Market is also a touristy place. Initial asking prices are ridiculously high, so haggle hard.


Just south of Tiananmen Square is the Qianmen-Dashilan district where you’ll find plenty of China’s most enduring shops selling local Beijing products. The tourist hotspot is known for Chinese traditional products, with famous shops such as Quanjude Neilansheng Shoe Shop and Tongrentang Chinese Medicine. Visit Qianmen for a dose of Old Beijing and its Chinese traditional culture.

Xidan Commercial Street
Shopping malls, department stores, and modern commercial complexes line Xidan Commercial Street. Visitors will find food markets, apparel stores as well as plenty of dining and entertainment options such as a cinema, bowling alley, and even an indoor rock climbing wall. The Xidan Shopping Centre and Chung You Department store is the go-to place if you’re furnished with a mid-upper range budget, and looking for high fashion and cosmetic goods while international designer brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Lous Vuitton will leave you dazzled.

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