Caribbean: The United States Neighborhood Paradise


The Caribbean has always been a favorite vacation spot of North Americans for a number of reasons. One is it lies just below the southeastern United States, meaning less airfare. In fact, you do not even need airfare if you opt for a cruise vacation. Another reason is the area’s tropical climate making it a perfect getaway, especially during the winter months in the north. The beautiful beaches and scenic sights in its numerous islands are definitely another huge attraction. And so are the resorts that cater to practically every want and whim of their guests.

All-inclusive family vacations are quite popular among tourists in the Caribbean though by no means the only way to get a great vacation. Among the top resorts offering this type is Club Med Punta Cana.

This resort is in the Dominican Republic and it overlooks half a mile of white sand beaches. You can swim, snorkel, windsurf, and kayak in its clear blue waters. At certain times of the year, you may even be treated to the sight of whales playfully swimming and diving in the water. If you’d rather swim in a pool, they have a huge pool, about the size of a football field. Nighttime is never boring as there are always several choices of places to visit.

Kids are never left without anything to do at Club Med. The huge pool has a shallow area that is perfectly suited for them. If they do not feel like swimming, there are hip-hop and Zumba dance classes. For older children, they can try out the trapeze, in-line skating, and skateboarding on The Ramp.

The Westin St. John in the US Virgin Islands is also a popular destination in the Caribbean. It is not an all-inclusive resort so you will have to be ready with your cash or card every time you eat or rent any equipment. Three-quarters of St. John is a national park, so you can expect a pristine and unspoiled environment. You can explore the land area either on foot or by renting a jeep, right at the resort. The white sand and clear waters make the area great for snorkeling.

Kids are treated to paddle-boat races, potato sack races, and a water trampoline. They can play croquet and horseshoes, feed Iguanas, take Steel Pan Lessons, and watch movies at a floating cinema. Younger kids can have arts and crafts, seashell hunts, sailing lessons, and field trips.

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