Best Travel Areas in Summer Holidays

Best Travel Areas in Summer Holidays

Spain is delightful for those who want to enjoy bull fight or flamenco in the spring season. Crowded beaches and other spots reflect some new attractions for travelers. Spain is the hub of ancient monuments which included castles of interior and White Villages. White villages are located inland Andalucía and the most popular cities in Madrid and Barcelona. This region is a great mixture of culture and traditions for all foreign tourists. However, the cultural attractions of most vibrant cities in Spain perfectly give the presentation such as dressing, language fluency, food & cuisine taste, and a lot more. The most famous activity of this sector is bullfighting in the spring season when millions of nationals and foreign tourists participate and enjoy a lot.

The deserts of Almeria are quite different from Galicia the emerald place for vacationers. The Sierra Nevada is fully surrounded by lush mountains and is very suitable for camping. There are endless shining beaches that force travelers to spend some time on the Spanish coast. All beaches are busy on summer days but you easily find the best one in a limited time. Alhambra is the most popular tourist attraction for travelers. Alhambra is located on a plateau overlooking Granada City in Southern Spain. Nasrid sultans were constructed in Alhambra in 14h century. Alhambra rank first among the ten best travel areas for tourist. Most visitors come to Granda just to see the spectacular art of Alhambra. Alhambra’s points of interest are part fortress, part palace, and part garden. The Mosque of Cordoba is a famous destination in this country for travelers. The interior face of the Mosque overlooks arches and a forest of pillars.

This Mosque was billed by Umayyad Moors after the Roman temple and then a Visigothic Churches. Spanish Reconquista was built into the hub of the vibrant Moorish buildings. At the time of King Philip II El Escorial was the political center of the Spanish empire. Great Monument was designed by Juan Bautista de Tolde and was appointed by Philip in 1559. Presently, this interesting spot is working as a royal palace, museum, monastery, and school. Sagrada Familia located in the heart of Barcelona a large Roman Catholic Church and Spain’s most popular travelers attractions. The duration of this large church was 40 years and was an architect by Antonio Gaudi. Ibiza is known best due to the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

This spot is most famous for parties and camping in all our Europe. Summer Season is the peak time at this destination when tourist flock to Ibiza to enjoy beach bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. Cuenca is a perfect example of a medieval city located between Madrid and Valencia. The city builds on the steep sides of a mountain. The most striking thing about this town, which gives it a unique face, is Hanging Houses are built at the top of Cliff Edge. Finally, Spain was rated the second number in Europe for best travel areas. Enjoy vacations in Spain with family or kids.

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