Best New York Hotels

best new york hotels

If you’re visiting New York City, chances are you’ll be needing a hotel. As one of the most visited cities in the world, much of New York City’s economy is fueled by tourism, and there are many hotels around to cater to the millions of tourists that flock to the city every year. There are hotels on almost every block in New York City, and there’s something for everyone; luxurious 5-star hotels, quaint boutique hotels, and national chains. You might have a hard time choosing one to stay in. Read on for New York City’s top 10 hotels to stay in.

Casablanca Hotel in Times Square

The best hotel to stay in New York City is undoubtedly the Casablanca Hotel in Times Square. This three-star hotel is located on Broadway and is near all the theaters. Even with its prime location, the hotel remains quiet and peaceful. The hotel’s location is unbeatable, and the staff and service are impeccable.

Library Hotel on Madison Avenue

Another great hotel to stay in if you’re in the city is the Library Hotel on Madison Avenue. This four-star gem is central- located and just a block away from Grand Central Station. The rooms are individually decorated with beautiful artwork and books. There is also a quiet reading room, Poetry Garden area, and rooftop terrace which provides a great view of the Empire State Building. As a bonus, the hotel offers free Wi-Fi internet throughout its rooms and premises.

Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca

If you want a unique hotel experience then look no further than the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. This hotel owned in part and operated by actor Robert DeNiro offers rooms decorated in multi-cultural styles, featuring Tibetan rugs, and Moroccan tiling in the bathrooms. The hotel has many amenities and services including a pool, a gym, a restaurant, and a Shibui Spa.

New York City’s Plaza Hotel

This hotel is the epitome of luxury and a tourist sight in itself. It also offers great amenities, soundproof rooms, and spectacular views of Central Park. The service at this hotel is superb with friendly and helpful staff. The Plaza Hotel is very kid-friendly and is also ideally located on Fifth Avenue for great shopping. If you like the area, but not the Plaza, the 33-story Ritz Carlton Central Park South is a great alternative with 259 lavishly-decorated rooms and suites with breathtaking views of Central Park.

Trump Hotel in SoHo

If you want to get away from mid-town and stay somewhere trendy, then head to the Trump Hotel in SoHo. This five-star hotel offers the most luxurious linens and the latest electronics with remote-operated curtain opening and closing, lighting, and room temperature. The hotel has also acquired a reputation for providing a superior customer service experience. The rooms are spacious and the views of the Hudson River, Broadway, and Central Park are spectacular.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Looking to stay at a hotel that is characteristically New York City? Then head to the Waldorf Astoria, which has been around since 1893. The hotel’s rooms are individually decorated with antiques and embody the quintessential luxury and elegance that the Waldorf Astoria is known for. One of the great things about this hotel is that it offers amazing in-house restaurants; a steakhouse, a Japanese restaurant, and an American brasserie. It’s also only ten blocks away from Times Square and Broadway.

Chelsea Pines Inn on W. 14th Street

If you want to stay at a hotel that is both fun and reasonably priced then head to the Chelsea Pines Inn located on W. 14th Street. This hotel is close to Chelsea Market and North Greenwich Village. It’s conveniently located near a subway and has very friendly staff always ready to inquire about your day, book restaurant tables, and get Broadway show tickets.

Smyth Tribeca on W. Broadway Street

Want to experience a boutique hotel in New York City like no other? Check out the Smyth Tribeca on W. Broadway Street for a hotel that is as vibrant and contemporary as the Tribeca neighborhood itself. This hotel which opened its doors in 1925 was the meeting point for New York City artists and adventurers. Every room is individually decorated with unique furniture and photographs. The Gramercy Terrace sixteen stories above the ground is a popular brunch and dinner place for a meal under the sky.

Hilton Fashion District on E. 26th St

If you are visiting New York City on a budget and don’t want to spend all of your money on a hotel, then the Hilton Fashion District on E. 26th Street is where you want to go. The hotel is reasonably priced, has a rooftop bar, is modern, clean, and ideally located not far from Madison Square Garden, Times Square, and great shopping.

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