Beautiful beaches in Phuket Thailand

Beautiful beaches in Phuket Thailand

Phuket boasts some of the finest beaches in the world, and besides, it makes for a fairly affordable holiday compared to many other international destinations. Nestled in the tropical Andaman Sea waters of the Indian Ocean, travellers will love the soft white sand, azure waters and Phuket’s balmy weather. For many of us who can’t afford an expensive holiday in Maldives, Phuket is a great alternative.

To top off the perfect holiday by the beach in Phuket, rent a sun bed, grab a pint, kick back and relax!

Here, we bring you the most beautiful beaches for your beach holiday in Phuket.

Nai Thon Beach
It may be a fortunate thing that Nai Thon Beach has still been overlooked by the large resort developers. Travellers looking to get away from the large crowds at popular beaches such as Patong Beach will find their sanctuary along the peaceful and tranquil stretches of Nai Thon’s squeaky sands. There may not be many water sports rentals available at Nai Thon Beach. Nonetheless, Nai Thon Beach is great if you’re looking to lounge around in the sun and perhaps go snorkelling to cool off.

Laem Sing Beach
This hidden gem of a beach is one of the favourite beaches among locals, and we can definitely see why Laem Sing Beach is quickly gaining popularity among tourists as well. Laem Sing is a gorgeous beach with a 300-metre stretch of sand framed by headlands on both sides. The rock formations found on the beach give Laem Sing its character. Laem Sing offers some of the best snorkelling in Phuket as the headlands and rock formations are home to an abundance of marine life. Water sports equipment such as jet skis and banana boats are available for rental.

Bang Tao Beach
Bang Tao’s 8 kilometres of stretch of sand makes for a worthwhile respite, away from the crowds of Patong Beach. Travellers with a generous budget to spare can check into one of the several luxury resorts and lagoons there. Bang Tao is ideal for swimming and water sports during the low tide season. Sun loungers, skis and windsurfing boards are available for rent. For a slice of luxury heaven, lay out your picnic mats at the Bang Tao beach, Phuket’s second-longest beach.

Banana Rock Beach
Another one of Phuket’s last few ‘hidden gems’, Banana Rock Beach, simply known as Banana Beach, is a 180-metre long beach with crystal clear waters. Hidden snugly between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches, travellers driving down from the south will require a sharp eye to spot Banana Beach through the trees along the road. However, the tide at Banana Beach can wash up to the tree line, so watch where you’re settling yourself!

Freedom Beach
Accessible via a 15-minute longtail boat ride from Patong Beach, Freedom Beach is arguably the most beautiful beach in Phuket. With its soft white sand and crystalline waters, Freedom Beach is also one of the cleanest beaches you can find in Phuket. There is no water sports equipment for rent at Freedom Beach and neither are the jet skies from Patong welcomed there. Sunbeds available for rent are placed under shady palm trees, freeing up the beach for sun lovers to frolic in. Freedom Beach is truly a place where you can relax without the disturbance that comes with tourist developments.