On-Time Marketing offers the following services to help professionals stay up to date on key players in Egypt in their areas of interest. We offer access to market research reports and an extensive database of market research and business intelligence available to business professionals. From verified contact details and key persons within the organization to quantitative market trends to qualitative insights on buyer behavior.

Get updated information on the key players in the Egyptian market and your areas of interest. This is a great tool for staying abreast of coverage of the Egyptian market, including product development, competitive analysis, and trends.

New Product or Service Research
The failure rate of new product introductions is very high. Some estimates are that less than 20% of new products succeed! In order to increase your chances of new product success, turn to Ontime-Marketing. Our experience in marketing research for identifying, developing and launching new products is second to none.

Using both qualitative and quantitative research, we can help you identify customer dissatisfaction and unmet needs, generate and screen new product concepts, evaluate market feasibility (demand and value), identify compelling marketing benefits and messages, track introduction, awareness and trial.

Introducing new products without market research is like driving blind - much too risky! Let OnTime help you navigate your way to successful product introduction.

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