Day: July 27, 2023

John Lennon Jacket

Best Of The Jacket

Designer Jacket I recently went out shopping and bought some clothes for myself. But I could not find just one thing, John Lennon’s jacket. I was just searching the net and that is when I came across it. I logged on to this site and found John Lennon’s rubber Soul jacket. There was a variety […]

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China's Beijing Is a Great Place to Shop.

China’s Beijing Is a Great Place to Shop.

WangfujingThe 2 main shopping malls of Oriental Plaza and Sun Dong An Plaza, as well as attractions such as bungee jump towers on the street, are the main crowd drawers of Wangfujing. Always the trendsetter, Wangfujing is now reformed into a mostly pedestrian shopping mall that is closed to vehicle traffic, except for bus services. […]

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